Golden Years: A Sea Dog Campaign

Session 2-The Adventure of le Emperor's Stuff
In which our heroes refit their ship and embark on their first mission as Sea Dogs

As probationary Sea Dogs, the heroes spend a week talking to contacts and awaiting the refit of Hanged Meg. Holes are patched and sails are re-sewn. New, heavier cannons are brought on board, allowing for a extended range. New men and women join the crew, among them Argyle Be…Smith, a poorly disguised Avalon noble and member of the Invisible College who wants to repay the heroes for their assistance and Sir Ossian Doyle, a member of the Explorer Society press-ganged into sharing his expertise of the strange and dangerous. The decision is made to intercept a Vodacce ship, the Celeste Della Maria, bearing treasures intended to redecorate Emperor Leon of Montaigne’s sitting room. Doyle suggests the Prophet’s Nose, a small island south of Castille, as a hiding place near the trade lines. As Meg awaits the arrival of the Celeste, a terrible storm appears from nowhere, damaging the ship and testing the ability of the crew. Sharp piloting by Maeve and strong encouragement from Captain Blackwell keep the ship afloat and the crew alive. The next morning, our heroes decide to go in search of the Celeste. They find it, several hours from the Nose, having taken minor damage from both pirates and the storm. The damage is not enough to explain the lack of any crew aboard the ship. Exploring the hold, the crew of Hanged Meg find a treasure trove of art, fine cloth, furniture, and a single gold birdcage, fit for something the size of a throw pillow. Moments later, Young Tim discovered the fabled Jewel of Larenthia, a throw pillow sized spider from the swamps of Larenthia. Launching itself at Tim;s face, the creature failed to do any significant damage either with its mandibles of the sting on its bottom. Returning to Hanged Meg, the crew started experiencing strange events: Kadlin falling from the ropes, a sudden rot of the ship’s food stores, and then another storm like the first. Believing themselves haunted, our heroes consulted the Celeste’s logs. They learned that the Captain, Ernesto Vestini, was a minor member of the Vestini family and that he traveled with his wife, Fiora. As the storm threatened to sink Meg, Fiora returned as a horrible spirit, calling our heroes pirates and blaming them for the death of Ernesto. Still possessing her sorcery, Fiora stabbed at our heroes’s bodies while her Sorte struck at their fates. After a climatic battle, Fiora’s spirit was destroyed and the storm subsided. Hanged Meg limped back to Avalon, bloodied, but with treasure to show. After making repairs and paying the crew, Blackwell and the command crew passed out gifts from le Emperor’s treasures to other Sea Dogs and the Queen.

Session 1-All the Queen's Men
In which our heroes are offered positions as Sea Dogs, if they can prove their worth.

The crew of Hanged Meg, sailing off Avalon’s coast, encounter a fleeing Fortune’s Shadow. Captain McCrary of Fortune’s Shadow, attacks Hanged Meg as he passes. Meg returns and Captain Blackwell leads a boarding party across. Among the party is Young Tim. Kadlan, Luis de Alva, and Maeve remain on board to defend against the Shadow boarding party led by (and mostly consisting of) Darling McCrary, an 6’5" Inish monster. As the battle turns, Derrick McCrary thrusts his hat and coat on another crew man and runs for the launches. He is intercepted by Young Tim, as Blackwell accepts the “new captain’s” surrender. As the battle is taken place, two Avalon ships have been approaching. Arriving too late to assist, they call over to Fortune’s Shadow and ask to board. They are Sea Dogs, led by Jeremiah Berek. Berek has been pursuing the McCrary brothers, notorious slavers, to recover his cousin, Argyle Berek. Argyle is recovered and the command crew of Hanged Meg is invited to a dinner at Berek’s house in Caerleon. They are joined by Argyle Berek and Sir Thomas Middleton, head of the Admiralty. At dinner, the crew is offered probationary membership in the Sea Dogs. They are tasked with capturing Middleton’s weight in gold, (in honor of Argyle) either finding something old or discovering something new, and returning with a story worthy of a Sea Dog. As the heroes leave, Berek adds that picking up something for the Queen might be nice to.

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